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What are cookies?

With all modern websites it is common practice to uses cookies, these tiny files are downloaded to your computer, to improve the user experience of the website. I have outlined on this page what information is gathered by my website. You can disable these cookies as shown below but this may result in elements of the website not performing as you would expect.

For more information on cookies visit the Wikipedia page

What information is stored by

Cookies are used to mainly store basic information such as demographic, age and gender. I do not store in details such as names and address.

If you contact me using my contact form I do store this information purely to reply.

Disabling Cookies

Cookies can be disabled in your browser. See browser help menu for details. Please be aware that disabling cookies may affect the functionality of the website and any others you visit. It is not recommend that you disable cookies for a good user experience.

The Cookies We Set

We set a cookie to remember data stored in the contact form but this is purely stored at the user end.

Third Party Cookies

This site uses Google Analytics. Cookies store by these services are listed below

Google Analytics is one of the most trusted and widely used analytic solutions. It is used to understand how users visit and interact with the website. These cookies track how long you spend on the website and its pages. For more information visit Google Analytics

More Information

You can contact me on if you require more information.